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About This Blog

Welcome to Ms. Candy!

I’ve always wanted a blog, but never knew what to blog about.  What could I possibly have to say?  Like so many of you, I love fashion and beauty…and candy!  Candy is something that always brightens my day, whether it be enjoying my favorite treat or just looking at the morsels of joy in their candy color splendor.  I looked around the blogosphere and couldn’t find all three of my interests rolled into one–hence the creation of Ms. Candy Blog…”where candy is always in vogue!”

Ms. Candy Blog covers all things candy or candy related with a strong focus on the relationship and interplay between candy, beauty, fashion and style.

Please join me on this fun, candy filled adventure!  I hope you’ll be delighted as you feast your eyes, mind and maybe even taste buds on confection perfection.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

Candy kisses,

Ms. Candy Blog


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