March 12th, 2016

Ladies Who LiveStream

By: Candy Queen
Ladies Who LiveStream Ms Candy Blog JennyQ

Ladies Who LiveStream with Ms Candy Blog & JennyQ

I just started a new project!

Ladies Who LiveStream runs on Blab Thursday nights at 10 pm EST/7 pm PST. Hosted by JennyQ, “Queen of Blab”, and me, Ms. Candy Blog, “where candy is always in vogue”, the show features the unique issues surrounding women in live streaming.

The show is a discussion by women, for women, about being a woman in the world of livestreaming.

We want to have a place where women can gather, discuss, be validated, and hear different perspectives on these issues. At Ladies Who LiveStream, we talk about the issues, not the people. Each week, we will feature two guests who join in the conversation on a variety of topics related to women and livestreaming.

JennyQ found me on Periscope when I was broadcasting a candy review which she thought was so unusual, she called her husband in the room. She asked me to be on “The Daily Q Show” which, for a few reasons, scheduling didn’t work out. I went to the NY Periscope Summit with the intent of meeting her, which turned out to be rather funny since I was one of first two people Jennifer saw when stepping out of her Uber at Summit. We hung out the entire first night of the event and kept in touch, once again meeting at the (San Francisco) Periscope Summit, Summit Live, and were pretty much inseparable the entire time.

We both had a number of similar experiences directly related to the fact that we were women. And we were hearing the same stories from other women.

We both returned home and began planning our year. I shopped around ideas for a Blab with male co-hosts. Jennifer had also been looking for a new Blab show to do to add to her daily show. Jennifer and I were texting one night, talking about the issues other women were reaching out to us about when the idea for Ladies Who LiveStream came to me. I suggested that the two of us do a Blab show as co-hosts with two rotating guests discussing issues related to women and livestreaming.

Tune in Thursday nights on Blab and visit us over on Facebook.